Wow, just… wow! I always wanted to go to Wacken just for once… to experience the mud and the metalheads by myself as I’ve seen it in TV for so many years! This year I finally made it~ and what can I say? It was a BLAST!!! 
We had such lovely weather and thanks to a 20min thunderstorm I had my beloved mud pits and it was warm. Friday was by far the hottest day… so many topless men *_* I’m still dizzy of all those pretty long haired and bearded guys I’ve seen~!
When they started to throw themselfes in the mud pits my brain just went on holiday XD *hrrnom*
 One of our camp neighbours…. we called him Thor (nomnom) for a good reason! Everytime he was shirtless we girls sat in a row and wached him XD one morning I crawled out of my tent and he jsut passed by… shirtless… and smiled~ and I was like “Ohh~ hello GOOD MORNIIINNNNG” and he just 😀
I was acompanied by my loveliest coworkers, their partners and friends (darauf nen Schnaps!) and I can’t wait for next year. The tickets have been ordered and I hope my bestie Gianna  will join me this time. We also need a bigger flag for our camp!!! 😀
AND I’ll make a summoning ritual for Finntroll! It would be so awesome if they’s play at Wacken next year!

Bands I’ve seen:
Mr Hurley und die Pulveraffen, Feuerschwanz, Anthrax, Trivium, Sabaton, Nightwish, Rammstein, MegaBosch, Corvus Corax, Svbway to Sally, Russkaja, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Alestorm (klick them! Every link leads to a fav song of mine 😉 )…. and a few I just heard while hanging around.. didn’t keep track :/
The place was stuffed while Rammstein played… 
we stood nearly at the Wackinger Village entry… o.o