Heidenfest~ war ein Heidenspa├č *50 cent in die schlechte Wortspielkasse*
At the weekend I went to the Heidenfest (Paganfest) with coworkers and friends. Mari‘s fiance and I got some warpaint on as tribute to Turisas and Ensiferum ­čÖé
As we arrived I heard someone call my name~ it was the pretty viking I dated at the Zombiewalk and his buddy :3  There also was a fellow Lolita wich recognized me from Dunkels├╝├č and some of our shop’s customers. I was really happy that here where so much people I knew so I had people by my side nearly all the time Even met a lot of new people! Thanks to my viking I had way to much Rum but lot’s of fun. Drove home with the vikings afterwards ­čśÇ Was a really crazy and lovely weekend!
Let’s see where all this leads~

Highlights of the Heidenfest: Equilibrium playing the Dragonborn tune, Ensiferum palying “Bamboleo” while wearing huuuge sombreros and of youse finally seeing Turisas live! Sadly I didn’t catch one of them outside to “drink some tea” ^^;

And I bought this fucking awesome shirt from Turisas at the merch both *_*