Went to see Finntroll with friends of mine~ with a tiny bit o warpaint 😀
They started earlier then expected, so we sadly missed Skalmöld. Tyr was really cool! Didn’t see them live before and my ex always said he wouldn’t liek them so I only knew a few songs from them. But I really liked it!!! 😀

Finntroll itself was so cool! They even got their troll-ears on! And Mikael’s ears flap when he’s headbanging…. whooo~ *_* lot’s of troll-love! And to Mathias and Samuli I just can say: NOOOMNOMNOM! I want those for my birthday! Those two and Mathias and Jussi from Turisas XD …

But I could really slap myself! I’m a bit sick and therefore wasn’t as loud and crazy as I used to be on concerts… was standing somewhere in the middel watching the guys in the moshpit with a smile 🙂 Mathias was at the merchandise both… and I…stupid thing… didn’t take a pic with him x___x why!?! *headdesk*