I had riding lessons in a new stable on Wednesday wich I really enjoyed and wich is a bit nearer to my place than the one I’m currently at~ so I may change stables as soon as I took my remaining… already payd… lessons at the old one. I drove over to my grandma from there to celebrate her birthday and stayed over night. Used the opportunity to take a nice long bath (I only have a shower at my place) and went on a walk in my beloved forest the next day. Also found some tasty mushrooms wich my grandpa and me so loved to eat together. I cooked them as we used to and dedicated the dinner to him ­čÖé

That’s something I really miss here in Ronneburg… we don’t have any proper forest here. It’s no forest if it only takes 30mins to go from one end to the other!!!

And in other news: I bought an early birthday present for myself!
Now the atumn and winter markets may come~ I’m prepared ­čśÇ