We went to the autumn market at Ronneburg  again this weekend ­čÖé On Saturday it rained all day… but as the true vikings we are we went there anyways to drink warm mead with some fellow celts we met there.
Jumped around in the mud pits with some little kids… their parents were surely really really happy XD
There really weren’t that much people since the it was raining really strong. We had our fun anyway and much time to talk to all our friends at the stands!

On Sunday the weather was much better. 
There were much more visitors and we had a lovely time with our friends of the guards and market stands again! Lenas drinking horn seemed to refill itself everytime it was empty ­čśë 
We got our names etched into our drinking horns (haha yay) and I bought a lovely amulet showing the Midgard Serpent.