I went to see Amon Amarth  in Wiesbaden together with my dear BelleObscurite .  It really was an awesome show! The first band was Hell followed by Carcass (including guitarist hairporn!!!).
Amon Amarth themself were reeeeaaally awesome!!! My neck hurts like hell and I never had so much fun in a regular mosh pit 🙂 The boys kept an eye on the girls and everyone just had lots of fun!!! My neck hurt like hell and I got some bruises but it was a bloody awesome show~ more more more!
 look at this hairporn *_*
The Merch-guy was really cool and flirty 😉 !We had a nice talk and he gave me the set list *_* 
It was so nice to finally go out with Belle again. Due to lots of stuff we didn’t do very much together for a while now and I really missed it. So more of that too!!! 😀
And in other news: My troll boy is such a lovely insane awesome piece of a man! D:
He bought me a Star Wars christmas calendar and games on Steam wich we can play together… Q__Q oijdfgoifjog