Month: February 2014

We’re all mad here!

So~ the myCostumes Party-Team was on a secret mission yesterday 🙂 We were invited by the organizers of the Frankfurt fair to take part at the opeing ceremony for this years Ambiente! The guest of honor this year was Japan and they wanted to show all facettes of Japan to the guests at the event….

Who will be there when the skies turn grey?

A few hours after I came back from Helsinki, I went to see Turisas live in Frankfurt together with my hun. Funny to come back from Finland and then see a Finish band in Germany~ ^^;Would have been really awesome to see them in Helsinki~ maybe one day 🙂I sooo wish to come back to…

Finland is metal!

Helsingin on tosi kiva kaupunki!!! Helsinki was soooo awesome~ but it was way not enough time to visit every places and try everything I want. Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to visit Finland again 🙂 Maybe in Summer this time! Day 1 – Wednesday At the evening of January 29th Mari, Colin and myself flew…