A few hours after I came back from Helsinki, I went to see Turisas live in Frankfurt together with my hun. Funny to come back from Finland and then see a Finish band in Germany~ ^^;
Would have been really awesome to see them in Helsinki~ maybe one day 🙂
I sooo wish to come back to Finland~ together with my hun!

The concert took place in the new Batschkapp and it was the first time for me to be in this venue. The old Batschkapp was always a nice place for concerts and I have lots of lovely crazy memories connected to the old one. The new venue is a lot bigger and really looks a lot newer at the moment but I guess it will get more charme with the time. 
The crowd was not that big and a bit shy~ but since it was a Monday it shall be excused 🙂
I was in the first row next to some lovely ladies and we had a nice talk during the break between bands. 
The support band was Starkill. The band was quite good and I loved the bassists hair :3
Turisas themself were a blast than always! Mathias made a few jokes about the shy audience and the guys seemed to have lot’s of fun at the stage! When they played Rasputin there was even a teeny tiny circle pit! I love to watch circle pits~ they make me happy! 😀
In the end Mathias and Oli got down to shake hands with the first row!