Last weekend my grandma, my hun and myself drove all the way to Eckernförde (616km) to visit my mom over the easter holidays~  
We started off early on Friday morning and arrived a bit tired in the afternoon~ after a few tiny traffic jams and 2 short breaks. My mom cooked dinner for us and after long talks and much food my hun and I drove to our holiday flat just a few minutes from  my mom’s. It was a really cozy room with a double bed, TV, tiny kitchen counter and a big enough bathroom.
I forced my hun to watch Disney Movies with me that evening XD

On Saturday my hun and I went to Haithabu (Hedeby) for the Spring market 🙂

Hedeby was a big and importand trading city in the viking era and now there’s a lovely museum as well as rebuilt houses and scenery. There are lot’s of events during the year and two lovely trading markets. One around easter and one in Summer.  If you ever are in the area around Kiel/Hamburg and you love vikings~ you definetly have to pay the Hedeby a visit! You won’t regret it 😀
We spent quite some time in the museum itself at first and then went to the houses. We sat on the docs there in the sun, had some lovely chat’s with vendors and bought some loot 🙂

That pretty woolen braid was so cheap I didn’t even dare to haggle! And it’s soooo pretty!!! I think it will fit perfectly on my new woolen  dress for winter. I might show you a picture of the fabric and the braid together when I post about my new apron dress and the gaments I made for my hun 🙂
 We also bought this little viking ship cookie cutter at the museums shop 😀 
On Sunday mom wanted to show us Eckernförde a bit~ and after a stroll through the harbor my hun and I went to the Ostsee Info-Center whilst grandma, my mom and her husband waited outside~ so we were a bit pressed for time inside. We got to pet fish! I mean real living fish and crabs and starfish 🙂 The sea biologist there told us a ot about the animals and explained to us that the three kinds of flatfish provided in the tank have  different strukture of scale. For example: the Plaice had really soft scales and the Flounder were rough like sandpaper 😀 There also were Turbot in the tank, they looked and felt like sand but not as rough as the Flounder.

One Flounder definetly thought he/she was a dolphin! It swam huge circles at the surface all the time and came to us and put it’s head out of the water and wanted to be pet!

I tried to pick up a crab more than once but they were all like “uuh~ don’t touch me muchaho or I’ll snap your friggin fingers off!!!” and I was like “umm ok nevermind” |D
We also participated at a little egghunt event in the center and each got a little bag of those precious handmade candy from town :3

On Monday we we’re already driving home again… sadly our travel was loaded with traffic jams and we took nearly 10 f***ing hours home Q___Q