On Saturday August 30th 2014 the dead walked the earth… again!
It was the 8th Zombiewalk in Frankfurt that we organized and although I didn’t have much time to do much this year. I’m really glad that my co-organiziers put so much effort in it (and still do!). 
We had a little Zombie special at the store the whole week and were sold out on Fakeblood on Saturday ^^; I got my Saturday temp all zombiefied~

The walk itself was great as always. I never can keep count on how many Zombies actually have been there but I guess the horde was as big as the last years. The police was as kind as ever and drove with us on motorbikes to temporary close roads and so on. We never had any problems with them and the policemen always acted cool and with lots of humour! But that also goes to our well behaved Zombies I guess 😉 Yes~ there always are a few people that dance out of line but all in all our Zombies behave.
Thank you guys and see you next year!