I finally went to the Hayner Burgfest again this year and it was lovely as always. We had such a nice weather! The sun was shining but it was not too hot. 
The main theme of this years event was hunting. Horus Falkenrei presented us their lovely birds of prey and Irish Wolfhounds adn also the art of hunting with the birds from horseback 🙂 Lovely! The falconry was accompanied by an animal phorographer and a few of his trained animals. For a small donation people could get pictures with the animals. I’m  bid sad I didn’t have enough money to take pictures with more of them but I was so in love with that baby skunk! I was allowed to play with it and cuddle it for while and it was such a cutie! My friend Christina took pictures with two of the birds 🙂

We also met some friends and I shared bit’s of my flamed salmon with Abby, a friends pretty husky 😀
It was such a lovely day! I need to take more pictures of such days~ yes I do!
I also bought a bit of treasury 😉