October is bookfair time in Frankfurt!
The Frankfurt Bookfair has a  big hall for Cosplayers, the Cosplay Corner, where the DCM (German Cosplay Championship) is held. There are lots of merch boths, workshops and events held in the CC on bookfair Saturday and Sunday. You can also find merch boths and Comic/Manga stuff in hall 3.0 alongside Fantasy and Children books~ so those are my favourite places to go 😉
We had the lovely Ilka from Kiomi MakeUp at our both from myCostumes again and she did such a great Troll-MakeUp on me! I love it!

This years guest of honor was Finland and I had to check out their exhibition hall.
Sadly I have to say that it was quite disappointing :/ 
But since Icelands presentation two years ago my expectations have been very high.
Nonetheless I enjoyed the Finland hall!
Lot’s of books to take a look at, a childrens corner with Finish cartoons and freaky stuffed animals and the “Suomi Café”! I enjoyed a tasty Lihariisipiirakka there 🙂
Loved to eat these when I was in Helsinki in February this year~ nom ♥ 
We also went to the international book hall and spend a lot of time at all the Scandinavian boths. We got a bottle of Icelandic water and found a lot of cool books at the Swedish both 😀 It’s cool how much I am able to understand in the Swedish books. Maybe I should continue my Swedish classes? o.o
At the booth of Karfunkel (a medieval magazine) we bought 4 magazines. I just wanted to rebuy the Special about Vikings because it is really good and my old one went missing 2 years ago but the we also bought 3 just about cooking… XD *cough*