Six hours in the saddle! Gods~ it has been a long time since I last rode a horse that long…  but it was totally worth the pain and the enormous sunburn I got :3
We started on Thorsday 4th at 9:30 in the morning with 11 riders and travelled about 15km to Krombach were a Sternritt – a kind of smaller trail ride were lot’s of riders from more or less around the area gather. Often horse blessings are held, food and drinks are served and sometimes clinics held etc. – took place.
We had some food and sat together for a while before riding back home.
The way home was really hard! It was freaking warm, the sun was burning without mercy and my butt hurt like hell XD I do have a horrible muscle ache and my walk the day after should make John Wayne proud! I’m pretty sure Urmel and I slept well that night! Love the stubborn pony [heart]
Also the sun was burning intensely that day and I got the sunburn of my lifetime D:
I’m pretty sure there’ll be a  lot of skin coming off… yuck…
THAT,  my dear readers, is what happen if you are such a pale ghoul like me and don’t manage to use suncream properly for once… -.- The photo was taken today~ 6 days after I got the burn!