[trying to break the blog-silence with a tiny life sign]
I really like winter because it is a cozy time at home with candles, blankets and warm drinks, the cats like to snuggle a lot more and I also enjoy the icy cold morning walks. I wish we would have had more snow the last years! In my hometown -20┬░C was common in winter and we usually had lot’s of snow. I like to say I’m “growing soft” with the kinda warm weather here in Dieburg and I really hope for snow this winter and a cold, at least for a few days, that manages to kill those nasty mosquitos! ­čśŤ
But until now we haven’t seen any snow this winter and it is not nameably cold~ we had just a few frosty mornings.
I have my problems with getting into festive spirits for the last few years for various reasons and so I don’t look forward to the holidays as much as a few years ago~ but I look forward to a lot of good food though! Starting with our by now traditional Yule dinner with venison from a acquainted hunter and a solitary blot at the 21st. Sometimes we have friends and fellow heathens for guests, sometimes it’s just Hannes and I.
On 24th of December the true madness begins~ traditionally on my mothers side of the family,
25th on my dad’s side and 26th at my mother in laws place after which I am only able to move by rolling around XD