One of the things I found out pretty soon after we moved to Dieburg is, that we do, in fact, have a stunt riding team in town! How cool is that? 
They also arrange a Knight’s Spectaculum every year with a tiny but cozy medieval market, a Knight’s tournament and a fire show with horses (!). 

Another great advantage is: We can walk to get there and back which could have been a great hint to drink more mead but for some reason we didn’t. Will not make the same mistake next year as it was pretty tasty mead they served ­čśë The marked itself was very small but nice and we bought some handmade soaps and a tiny necklace made of a horseshoe-nail. Not that spectacular and I could have made that last one myself, I know, but they had far more fancy pieces which I simply couldn’t afford and I wanted to buy at least something from them!
There were also almost as much food stalls as market stalls with a diversity of great and tasty food.
The highlights, of course, were the tournament and fire show!
The story was funny and full of action but a bit confusing (?) sometimes… but really entertaining! I also recognized a few of the knights from Hayner Burgfest last year which promised a good show in advance ­čÖé The fire show, however, was THE highlight when it got dark!

If you want to see beautiful non-blurry pictures please take a look at Paul Photography’s awesome pictures right >>here!<<

We will surely go next year too to support this great team!